Yang Jian CAI's team and Zhanghua Han's research group published a research paper in Nature Communications ...

Recently, The research team led by Yang Jian CAI and Zhanghua Han published a paper entitled "Ultra-narrowband and rainb-free mid-infrared thermal emitters enabled by a" in Nature Communications flat band design in distorted photonic lattices ". Sun Kaili is the first author of the paper, Professor CAI Yangjian is the second author, and Professor Han Zhanghua is the corresponding author. The co-corresponding ...

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  • 2024/05/31

    Two of our achievements won the 2023 Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Award

  • 2024/02/28

    The College held a general meeting of the faculty for the new Spring semester of 2024

  • 2024/01/25

    The school won the Top Ten Units in 2023, Outstanding Contribution to high-quality development award

  • 2024/01/01

    College of Electrical and Biological Technology held "Stick to the bottom line, do not cross the Red Line" anti-corruption thematic party course

The School of Physics and Electronics

The School of Physics and Electronics is one of the earliest departments established by Shandong Normal University. At the beginning of the school's establishment, the department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry was built, and meanwhile the physics division began to recruit students....

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Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of Physics and Astronomy came to our college for research and exchange

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Twenty-sixth lecture from the Overseas Masters Forum: Professor Uriel Levy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem gives an academic lecture to our faculty and students

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The 14th Dongjian forum

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The 15th Dongjian forum

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